What is

SmartPay is a lease-to-own-payment option that lets your customers pay for items with fixed monthly payments.

  • Customers fill out ours simple application, and we offer an instant decision.
  • Our approval rate is over 70%.
  • If approved, they shop right away for anything in your store.
  • Your employees collect the first monthly payment and finish check out.
  • Customers make monthly payments automatically with their debit card.
  • When the 10-month lease is paid, they own everything.
  • No long-term contract. Customers can return products anytime.
  • With Early Payoff, when customers pay the total due in 90 days, it’s the same as cash. After 90 days, they can pay early and still save on fees.

What Does
SmartPay Cost?

SmartPay customers can get up to $1,500 to shop and then make monthly payments. Here’s a quick guide on what SmartPay costs:

Approved Amount* Minimum Gross Monthly Amount First Payment (Due at Purchase) Additional Monthly Payments
$200 $1,000.00 $39.90 $39.90
$300 $1,200.00 $59.85 $59.85
$400 $1,400.00 $79.80 $79.80
$500 $1,600.00 $99.75 $99.75
$600 $1,800.00 $119.70 $119.70
$700 $2,000.00 $139.65 $139.65
$800 $2,200.00 $159.60 $159.60
$900 $2,400.00 $179.55 $179.55
$1000 $2,600.00 $199.50 $199.50

*Other factors apply in addition to income, and not all customers are approved. This chart shows the maximum approved amount by gross monthly income. Some customers are approved for lower amounts.

How Do I
Offer SmartPay?

Offering SmartPay is easy!

Sign up. It’s easy to integrate SmartPay into your store
Set up your Dealer Dashboard with your:
a. Contact and business information
b. Stores that will offer SmartPay
c. Payment option (how we pay for your transactions)

Access Our Downloadable marketing materials to promote SmartPay.
Start Accepting SmartPay.

How Do I
Get Paid?

For SmartPay transactions, you have 2 payment options:

Daily Bank account settlement (recommended)

At the end of each business day, we electonically send you total
ammout of SmartPay transactions to your linked bank account(s).

  • FREE - no fees charged
  • No extra steps for store clerks
  • Fund transfers final in 3-5 business days
Virtual debit card (for in-store only)

After each transaction, your store clerk processes each transaction
amount at the register with a 16-digit virtual debit card number.

  • Standard interchange fees apply
  • More work for store clerks
  • Fund transfers immediate


Here are just a few ways SmartPay can benefit your business:

SmartPay drives incremental sales.
Customers can afford more, so you sell more.
You’re able to upsell higher margin items.
Many of our customers have less than perfect credit. This opens the
door for many customers to make larger purchases.
Creates customer loyalty and retention with an alternative payment
We provide access to downloadable marketing materials to advertise